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Dear River Park Soccer Families,

Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic response, River Park Soccer Club's league, the Capital Soccer Alliance (CSA; U10 and above age groups) and Metro Kids Soccer (MKS; U8 age groups), has canceled inter-club recreational games for the upcoming Fall 2020 Recreational Soccer Season. The following is a joint statement prepared by CSA member Clubs:

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Capital Soccer Alliance (CSA) has decided to cancel inter-club recreational games for upcoming Fall 2020 soccer season. This decision has been made in order to best protect our communities from potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus and to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary transmission through close contact during recreational sports activities. During a meeting of all CSA member Clubs held on June 24, 2020, this unanimous decision was made for the following reasons:

In the weeks prior to the meeting, reported cases of and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were increasing locally;
Local public health officials and US Soccer have not yet released guidelines on how to safely conduct competitive/recreational soccer games (current guidelines that have been released only cover conditioning activities for athletic training);
Many of the fields that we use are owned by local municipalities, and the fields still remained closed for sanctioned sports activities; and
We are concerned about placing an undue burden on volunteer coaches to implement appropriate social distancing guidelines that would have to be emplaced for public safety

The CSA partner Clubs did not make this decision lightly. We are all committed to providing a safe environment for the youth of our communities to experience the sport of soccer. Unfortunately, the unprecedented circumstances of the global COVID-19 pandemic have created a scenario where we do not believe that we can effectively create a safe environment for all of our registered players. Please stay safe and we hope that we can all return to play recreational soccer in 2021.

Capital Soccer Alliance Partners:

Cosumnes River Recreational Youth Soccer League
East Sacramento Youth Soccer Club
Fair Oaks Soccer Club
Greenhaven Soccer Club
Land Park Soccer Club
Natomas Youth Soccer League
River Park Soccer Club

The RPSC Board recognizes the value that organized sport plays in childhood development, so we are continuing to evaluate if an internal program can be created in place of inter-club schedule this fall. If by the end of the summer some form of youth soccer is permitted by local, state, and federal health orders, and our club receives support and guidance from our oversight affiliates, we may try to organize a limited season for some age groups. Given the joint decision made by the CSA partners, River Park Soccer Club has not opened registration for the Fall 2020 Season. It has been important to us to not open registration, or to ask for any kind of financial or other commitment from our RPSC families until we have a viable option for a soccer season. 

We hope that everyone can stay safe and healthy in these turbulent times.

Matthew Battin
General Manager
River Park Soccer Club

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This page is specifically meant for parents of children in the RSPC. Check back throughout the season for helpful information.

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Metro Kids Soccer (MKS) is a group of four clubs (East Sacramento, Greenhaven, Land Park and River Park) within SYSL, bound together and partnering to further our U7/U8 players' soccer development.

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