River Park Soccer Club

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The British Soccer 1,000 touches coaching syllabus provides an innovative daily regimen of foot skills, moves, juggling, technical practices and daily tournament play. Additionally Challenger uses soccer to help introduce campers to the concepts of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Leadership and Sportsmanship.

The highlight of the week is the Camp World Cup, bringing both friendly competition and cultural variety to each day. The daily tournament gives campers the chance to represent a world cup team, with extra points being awarded for them making up chants, wearing the team colors of their chosen country, creating flags, and learning as much as they can about their chosen countries culture.

We are always looking for amazing host families to host our coaches for the week of camp! If interested please email jkent@challengersports.com for more information and to claim an $80 rebate on camp fees.

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River Park Soccer Summer Camp

The River Park Soccer Club will be hosting a Summer Soccer Camp the week of August 7 - August 11th  at Caleb Greenwood School.