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For those families returning to the Club, you will recall that we had a significant shortage of match officials last season. For most of our U10, U12, and U14 level games, we resorted to coach and parent volunteers to officiate our home games. This was a necessity due to the shortage of licensed officials in Northern California. Due to the unusual circumstances of facing a referee shortage while coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown that cancelled the 2020 season, RPSC and our partner clubs agreed to remove the requirement to have licensed officials for our games. This requirement is mandated by our governing body, US Club, and will be back in effect this year.

Our referee schedulers have informed us that we are facing the same shortage of licensed officials in the area again this year. In order to meet our obligations as a member of US Club, we are recruiting high school aged kids and adults from within our community to generate a pool of referees for the U10 Age Division and above.

Do you have a high school aged kid who has aged out of recreational soccer in River Park? Are you unavailable to during the week to coach a RPSC team, but are looking for another way to support the Club on weekends? Do you know a Sac State student who has nothing better to do on Saturdays this fall? If you can answer 'Yes!' to any of these questions, please reach out to sign up with RPSC to become a licensed referee!

Additionally, we are looking to fill the ranks of our U8 Age Division Game Monitor Program. At the U8 Age Division, we do not require officially licensed referees. The small-sided 4v4 games are not designed to be competitive soccer, so many of the standard soccer rules that are present for older age division play do not exist. Game Monitors are present at these games to primarily manage dead ball resets. There will be an adult representative of the Club present at all U8 level games to assist the Game Monitors with performing their duties. We are looking for middle school and high school aged kids (ages 12 to 18) to participate in our U8 Age Division Game Monitor Program.

River Park Soccer Club will host a free referee clinic this summer:

Saturday August 6th from 9am-12pm at Glenn Hall Park

- We will cover the licensing costs to become a referee!


Special Notes:

1) There is a $75 registration fee that will need to paid upfront. RPSC will cover all referee registration fees. Please turn the receipt in to myself or Jamie Kent at the field session and RPSC will provide reimbursement.
2) Please send an email to Matt Battin, manager@riverparksoccer.com with a cc to jamie@riverparksoccer.com, confirming that you have registered for the course.
3) If you have attended a referee training course in the past and have completed any requirements to get registered for the 2022 season already, please send an email to the above two addresses to confirm your status as a registered referee.
4) The registration link above indicates that you will need to provide your own whistle and AR flags for the training session: RPSC will provide all attendees with whistles and we will have sets of AR flags to share.

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